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My views, ideas, experience and opinions on life!

Don't regard yourself inferior to anyone and don't think you are superior to all.

Through imagination, you ought to transcend the ordinaryexperience and feel the gamut of emotions.

Do not get inhibited, if not feasible in reality, dreamand imagine things which makes you happy and satisfy.

Even those things which are feasible in reality has certainrules and restrictions, ethics, people's attitudes andopinions and our self-esteem.

Life is nothing but a compromise. You unknowingly tend toor have to adjust and compromise with yourself everynow and then. You just can't do whatever you want, can you?

Our self-esteem restricts us to do many things which we would like to dobut are perceived as insane orimmoral by others.

All are selfish and it is not immoral if perceived in thesense that you come alone in this world and have to leadyour own life.

Never give up! There is no stage in life where there is a saturation point.

There should be no end to learning; Life is acquire the knowlege.

Man does not realise that he has got patent potential hidden insidehim and thus fails to explore it.

Man is an insatiate-being who craves for more and more and that isthe result of invention, innovation, discovery and development.

One cannot lead an impeccable life.

You cannot progress if your knowledge is in confinement andrestriction. Use and pervade it for the development of yourownself and others as well.

Give out knowledge and receive it more and vice versa and theresultant versality.

Intelligence is something which is not innate butcan be acquired.

Success does not create in vaccum. It is acquired throughsheer hard work and sincerity.

You can achieve your goals if you have a determination,confidence and are sincere, sanguine and obsessive about it.

Do not regret your faults. Instead try to learn and take a lessonfrom it.

It is very hard to revamp yourself completely. But hopefullyyou can improve yourself.

If you want to explore your brain and ideas, do not havethat attitude of "I am better off." Instead try to reasonit out, "Why I am or not?"

You cannot show your true talent and ability unless somebody encourages you to do so or you see othersas precedent.

You can be a benevolent just by encouraging people thatthey can do their best.

It is impossible to be fully versed in absolute knowledgein this arcane and short span of life.

Life is short in comparison to the knowledge you acquiresand want to gain more and to be fully versed in it.

You are the best friend of yourself.

Life is desert without love.

For love of it, you do it.

Love is born through feelings, emotions, attractionand acquaintance.

My dreams are my reasons to live and be in this world.

Imagination is the foundation of ideas and consequentlythe creation.

Life is erratic. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Everyone has sneaking ideas and imaginations hidden and crampedin their brains; Only if we can realise and know how to acknowledgeit.

Life is a question mark. Try to solve it till you get correctanswer and still try to get more in-depth.

Our feelings dominates our mood and consequently our mooddominates over us.

Feelings is the matter of living.

Never lose heart. There is always a ray of hope.

We go in search of God but fails to realise that ourGod exist our deeds.

Every creature, thing, circumstances, atmosphere andthe universe in general affects our feelings and actions.

There is nothing unbelievable and impossible in this worldas the universe itself is a mysterious and miraculous place.

You cannot experience true happiness and bliss unless you loveand fall in romance with it.

Love is addiction and adoration.

By your good deeds done with a good grace, you tend toinsinuate yourself into people's good graces.

No one is with abject knowledge or imagination. Hisconfidence and will is his powerful resources.

If we show confidence and will, we can evenwin through an insurperable difficulties.

Our life is based on memories of past, act ofpresent and dreams of future.

Never feel lonely; Memories are your true companion.

Think of high! Let your life be progressing and not regressing.

Never let yourself insular of anything except immorality.

Everybody abounds in imaginations and ideas but alas, wedon't realise, use and work on it.

Do not absent yourself from knowledge. This is the way to makelife worthwhile.

How one can acquire acme in knowledge in this arcaneand erratic life?

Development, is to keep abreast of time and modern thinkings,predicting future and learning from the past.

One who does not have dreams and goals leads an insipidlife.

Never lose your grip and confidence, no matter whathappens.

Life is to appreciate and not to apprehend.

One way to be successful is to never to ramble fromyour goals and objectives until you achieve it.

Most successful are those who can sublimate theirimaginations, ideas and talents.

Those who do not get afraid by string of difficultiesought to get array of opportunities.

As you think, you tend to be.

When you are continuously expose to it, youtend to learn unknowingly and do it.

Every humanbeing is unique and possess withinhimself to offer something unusual and usefuland contribute to this miraculous world andarcane life.

A diffident person would not be successful in life.

God made us all with a purpose; Lets love and carefor every creature, thing and nature on thisearth and in this universe. Lets appreciate life.

If life is love and there is no barriers in love,then why barriers in life?