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Fun Games


1. If suppose you are asked to make an omlette out of an egg and are given ALL the ingredients & stuffs necessary to make this omlette. You are also provided with whatever you asked for. STILL you can not make an omlette? WHY?

2. Which is that bird who has got 'sar par per' (hindi words)?

See answers below...

Read carefully, but be sure to follow instructions at the end...

The more I think of you, the more I

Love you; I cannot see how anyone could

Hate you. You have always been to me an

honest, faithful friend & I hope my Love is not an

object of contempt. It is true that once I said

I would never marry, but that was before

I loved you, that assertion you know was

uttered in a bragging manner, infact but not

a lie and I do not know why I made it. If I

could even pluck up enough courage to

offer you my hand I know very well you

would be surprised and I doubt if you

would accept it. I do not think I would

listen to a refusal from your lips and

thus make my whole life miserable. To die

without ever expressing my love for you

would be preferable to that. If you write to me

I shall be happy, but if you do not

I shall be miserable & gloomy, you letters

are a source of pleasure & failure to get them

always make me feel like committing suicide.

Shocked? Just relax... Go back and read only odd lines (ie. blue)
Good one huh?

Fish Pond

This is one of my fav. game. We used to play in schools n' colleges. Have you ever heard about this game? If not, lemme explain to you. You can try it out, its very enjoyable & time-pass game.

Rules as to play the game:

Firstly distribute small pieces of paper to all participants.

Write on the paper any comments (eg. funny or whatever), messages you want to convey to anyone. Literally anything can be mentioned. There are no such restrictions. (ie. any phrases, funny lines or jokes, riddles, any particular message, comments on anybody or anything etc.) But remember it should not be a letter.

The participant can mention the names of the persons they want to convey the message to or keep it SECRET. Likewise, they can mention their own names or keep it SECRET.

Fold the paper and hand it over to the host.

After receiving all the chits, the host will read out the comments one by one.

Just have the fun of the moments. Enjoy the time & convey the message if you cannot convey it personally. Remember "LAUGHTER is the best medicine."

Answers to the riddles:

1. Because you are given a boiled egg.
2. ALL BIRDS. Because all birds have sar=head, par=wings, per=legs.

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