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Mysterious God

Are You a humanbeing
Or kind of a magical thing?
Are You visible?
Then why are You invisible?
Are You in Heaven?
Where is the proof?
What is the evidence?
Who are You?

Why do people believe that
You reside in Religion, Culture, Tradition
You dwell in temple, Church, Masjid
You abode in statues of Jesus, Ram, Allah
You live in Grant, Kuran, Bible
You are present in people's belief
What is your existence?
Who are you?

Why do people
Give names and preach You
Have faith and pray You
Trust and follow You
Worship and adore You
Meditate and seek You
What is your purpose?
Who are You?

Why do you make us
Curious, anxious and suspicious
But why still all believe in You?
Want to be with and see You
Why You play this magic?
What is this miracle?
What is your intention?
Who are You?

Then why do you make
Some rich, some poor
Some beautiful, some ugly
Some good, some bad
Some human, some creature
This nature, this universe
What You want to teach us?
Who are You?

And why do you create
Some intelligent, some dumb
Some normal, some abnormal
Some ambitious, some dull
Some happy, some sad
The variety, the vanity
What is the normality?
Who are You?

Why do you invented
The people, the most powerful creature
Why You gave us brain and thinking?
To make our life more complicating?
Or to make this world beautiful or material?
Why can't we be just simple?
Why don't You tell us the answer?
Who are You?

For once and all
O'God ! Please tell us all
Who are You?
Are You really You?
Or You nothing?
What is this puzzle?
Who will solve the riddle?
Who are YOU?