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You are beautiful beyond description
Your love is precious immeasurable
Your sensuality is a feeling beyond imagination
Your emotion is touching unbelievable

Your words soothes my heart
Your love heals my soul
Your heart beats for me
Your breath makes me alive

You are a very important person
You are the one to show me the way
You are the one to give me the purpose
You are a very special to my life

Your trust is my life
You do what I like
You make me feel important
You give me courage

Your faith is my prayer
You pray for our love
You are my lover
You are the best in world

Your words tells me what to do
Your eyes shows the truth
Your touch make me believe
Your embrace gives me everything

Your love is my life
Your words are my guide
Your looks are my confidence
Your touch is my strength

Your kiss is like a heaven
Your lips are so sensous
Your touch is so emotional
Your embrace is my world

Your thoughts are refreshing
Your past is my memory
Your letters are your presence
Your words are my meaning

Your presence makes me happy
Your company gives me joy
Your care is my life
Your love is my need

You are with me I feel the world
You are with me I have the confidence
You are with me I get the support
You are with me to lead the life

You are nice beyond description
Your praise is not suffice
Your kindness is beyond words
You are a beautiful person