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Jesus Christ

You came upon earth
To preach the world
You become the messanger
To realise this universe

You preach the man
To call upon the mass
You gave the message
To free and mercy them

You teach the people
To make them equal
You made them taught
To give the lesson of God

You invite us to God
To bestow us with a bless
You gave us everything
To covet for nothing

You endow us that talent
To appreciate the message
You gave us the heart
To take care of all

You gave that faith
To pray God with belief
You told us to entreat
To treat men with peace

You made a wish
To make us bliss
You gave the hope
To make us grin

You make us to dream
To show ray of beams
You gave us that light
To make us live in bright

You made that miracle
To make things marvel
You made that magic
To give love with massive

You showed us the way to head
To lead a journey ahead
You build the path to walk
To reach the destiny to God

You are the one
To care for men
You are the one
To make us one

We will always be indebted to you
Promise never to betray you
We will always believe in you
Promise ever to trust in you

I will follow you O Jesus
To make your preachings never ceases
I will love you and adore
To make life glow and shine