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Inside You!

I am tired of living inside me
Now I wanna live inside you
Feel the deepest feelings
Which is only inside you !

Inside you is a fascinating world
I wanna go crazy there
There you can find all the love
Which I can get only inside you !

Inside you is a deep deep ocean
So blue is your color of passion
Red is your heart which portrays all your love
Where I can get all the love which is you !

Don't let me get out of it
Let me live inside you
Inside you is a passional world
Where I can find such intense love !

What else there is inside you ?
Let me probe into your inner being
Wanna see how much love you got
Inside you is a b'ful heart !

You're a b'ful person from outside too
Outside you is an innocent face
When I touch you makes me feel
The love, which is only inside you !