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Your Inner World

I wish to discover your inner world
Which you are unaware of it!
I desire to invent inside you the intense feelings
Which you never can!
Take you to ectasy
Fill your world with fantasies!

I wanna go deeper and deeper
Get so intense in your love
Make me so passionate
That I never wanna come out of it!
Your love is my dreamy world
Let me get lost into this mesmerizing flood!

I wanna get into your world
Dig up all your feelings
Explore your love openly
Play with it crazily!
Let me immerse into your love
Give me the chance to feel your sensuality!

Allow me into your world
I promise I will entice you too!
Join me my darling
Let's have a ride into this fascinating spree!
Why don't you believe me?
Take my words, inside you is a "Beautiful World"!